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One of the best multi purpose bots for discord to help manage your discord server!


Here are a just a few of the things of the Lulu Chan Features.

Lulu is a powerful assistant for keeping your Discord server secure, organized and interactive. With powerful moderation features, we can help keep your community clean of inappropriate behavior and provide an enjoyable experience for all members.

With a combination of these features, our Discord bot is ready to provide a safe, organized and fun experience for your server members. Feel free to invite our bot to your server and start running a successful community!

Our Community Provide:

  • I'm available 24/7 online to help your users.
  • I have an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, ensuring both new and experienced users can take advantage of my features quickly and efficiently.
  • I'm regularly updated with new updates and improvements, so you can take advantage of the latest features on Discord.
  • I'm designed to support the growth of your community by providing unique and engaging experiences.

So, if you're looking for a Discord bot that can provide reliable server management, effective moderation, entertainment features, and integration with popular services, Lulu Chan is the perfect solution. I'm here to provide support and play an important role in keeping your Discord server alive and interesting.

Lulu Chan Features

What are my Features?

Admin Configuration

Allows server admins to easily configure various aspects of the server. They can set user permissions, control access to certain channels, modify roles, and manage other settings to create an optimal server environment.

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Ticket System

Allows users to create tickets or requests for assistance, which can be directed to the support team or the relevant server staff. Using this system, users can easily submit their questions or concerns, and the support team can provide responses in an organized and efficient manner.

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Allows server members to submit their suggestions, ideas or feedback to server admins or staff. This facilitates active member participation in developing the server by providing opportunities for them to contribute their creative ideas.

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Provides a virtual economy system on the Discord server. Bots will provide virtual currency to users based on their activity on the server, such as sending messages, participating in certain events, or achieving certain achievements. Users can use this virtual currency to purchase virtual items or interact with other features.

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Allows server admins to host giveaway events where users can participate and have a chance to win prizes. Bots will automatically manage these events, collect entries and randomly select winners.

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Allows users to listen to music directly on the Discord sound channel. Bots can play songs from various popular music platforms, such as Spotify or YouTube. Users can control music playback, create playlists, and share music with other server members.

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Here's are Review from Top.gg


very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very Nice Bot


Hello, if you need any help or report an bug Fell free to join support server :)


Keep it up, nice bot, i love it πŸ‘

πͺ keren

bot nya bagus, lucuk, bintang 5 sesuai aplikasi kak^^

Sophia Games

Amazing bot! It’s super useful! :)


Premium provides a number of additional benefits that are not available in the free version. Starting from additional features and functions, priority support, capacity building, periodic updates, to direct support for users.

Free Plan

$0 / month

  • AI Chat
  • Chat Trigger
  • Button Roles
  • Music System
  • Priority Premium Support

Annually Plan

$30 / Year

  • AI Chat
  • Chat Trigger
  • Button Roles
  • Music System
  • Priority Premium Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discord Bots are applications or programs that can be added to a Discord server to provide additional features and functionality.

In order to add Discord Bot to your server, you need to have "Manage Server" privileges or get permission from the server owner. Then, follow the steps in the bot's documentation to invite it to the server.

Discord Bot can include various features, such as moderation settings, music, alerts, announcements, games, customization and integration with third party services.

Yes, you can control the behavior of Discord Bots that you add to your server. Usually, bots have a special prefix with which to invoke their commands, and you can configure their preferences and available commands according to your needs.

Yes, you can program the Discord bot to perform custom tasks however you want. For example, you can create bots that issue alerts or reminders, execute special commands, or retrieve data from external sources.

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